Nora Stinson

The Punisher - an interesting game

Although many games today borrow elements that have brought success to others, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Punisher is a part of the comic-strip Marvel franchise in which is about a man outside the law who wants to get rid the world of terror, bad people that one absolute power. The Punisher is a third person shooter game in Max Payne genre, without bullet time.

The Punisher has a slaughter mode which slows down the game a little bit. This mode is unique and if it is active it makes your life to grow automatically, to throw knives towards your enemies with unimaginable accuracy. Punisher can also use human shields and although it slows you a little, it is worthy because you can escape the situation in a delicate way. Once you get your hands on an enemy, you can question him, period where intervenes a mini game. On this mini game depends if your enemy will tell you or not what you want to know. But if you grab and interrogate everyone in the game they will likely tell you the same phrase always. Only major characters have what you are interested in.

Your family has been eliminated by the Mafia and now you seek revenge! The story is told through flashbacks and about 15 hours of action the game manages to keep you close.

Most of the time you kill enemies with different weapons from knives, machine guns, rocket launcher to grenades. Eliminating enemy is not at all difficult, the Punisher is a king of superhero so it's no surprise that the bullets you take barely take from your life.

The game looks good, but could be better. You will find very stained textures, but at least the game offers several different location, both interior and exterior. The characters are exquisitely detailed, particularly the Punisher.

The game is trying to get out of the sea of mediocre games and succeed, but would have done better if it would have been better finished, the camera more stable and had a decent sound. It would had potential, especially because the slaughter mode is something really special!